Summary video

Step 1 – vPICO presenters: upload your live presentation slide at least 24 hours before session start

  • Live 2-minute talks are based on a single slide in the file formats *.png or *.jpg with 1920 x 1080 pixels and a resolution of 150 dpi. We recommend to make use of the full dimensions of the 16:9 format.
  • Live solicited 5- or 10-minute talks are based on a presentation in the formats *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, or *.pps/ppsx.
  • In either case, all live vPICO presentation files (single slides for 2-minute talks as well as presentation files for 5-/10-minute talks) must be uploaded at least 24 hours before the corresponding session starts. Attention: in contrast to the past in-person meetings in Vienna, it is not possible to add any slides later than 24 hours before the session starts. You will also not be able to share your screen whilst speaking live. This is reserved for emergencies should the central presentation of the slides has a failure.
  • The upload of live presentations is organized through the same interface as the upload of display materials. Please use the button below at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much.

Upload your live presentation file NOW

Presentation upload form

Step 2 – presenters & conveners: test your camera/microphone on BBB

BigBlueButton (BBB) is a browser-driven video chat software without a client download. Please use the opportunity to test your camera and microphone settings by accessing our EGU test video chat on BBB now. Attendees will only see the livestream from this BBB video chat. The livestream will include the slides presented as well as the video and audio of the current speaker.

BBB test video chat

Step 3 – all: access the Live Session Page 15 minutes before session start

Option 1 – through the Virtual Conference Centre

Go to Scientific Sessions, use the elevator to your programme group of interest, and check the screens of the vPICO spots for your session of interest. Click on the screen and the Live Session Page opens in a new browser tab.

Option 2 – through the conference programme

Select the programme group of your interest, see the list of sessions, and find the button Enter live session 15 minutes prior to session start. Click on the button and the Live Session Page opens in a new browser tab.

Step 4 – presenters & conveners: access BBB video chat through Live Session Page

  • All session participants; presenting authors, conveners/chairs, and attendees, access the Live Session Page.
  • The Live Session Page provides (a) basic session information, (b) the livestream from the BigBlueButton (BBB) live video chat, (c) a text chat for discussions, and (d) the list of presentations with their individual pages linked (display materials, vOSPP voting, commenting, abstract text).
  • Attendees stay on this Live Session Page, watch the livestream from BBB, text chat with their colleagues, and can look at the abstracts and display materials.
  • Presenters, co-authors, conveners, and chairs see a green button Access BBB video chat. Clicking this button will open a new browser tab that brings you into the BBB live video chat.
  • Your uploaded live presentation files (see step 1) have already been prepared and will be run by a conference assistant.
  • Presenters, conveners, and chairs switch on their camera inside the BBB video chat. This is comparable to a Zoom Meeting. Switch on your microphone only when it is your presentation's turn.
  • The livestream for attendees outside of BBB on the Live Session Page will show (a) the slides controlled by the conference assistant as well as (b) the camera video (and microphone sound) of the current speaker.

Step 5 – all: access the breakout chats after the live presentations

  • The first part of each time block is a sequence of maximum 20 live presentations given by presenting authors inside the BBB video chat but followed by the attendees on the Live Session Page through the livestream.
  • After this sequence of live presentations, the list of presentations on the Live Session Page shows a chat icon. Using this chat icon for an individual presentation opens a new browser tab with a chat room; there will be a separate chat room per presentation author.
  • While keeping the browser tab with the Live Session Page open, attendees can now access as many author text chats as they like in multiple browser tabs.