Application deadline: 9 April 2021, 13:00 (CEST)

During the conference, public side meetings on non-commercial matters organized by participants can be reserved for 1 time block free of charge. Such public splinter meetings are listed in the session programme and advertised to conference attendees. Organizers set up their own video chat on their preferred platform and the access credentials are linked from the session programme.

Please note that splinter meetings are not meant to prolong scientific sessions.

Booking of a splinter meeting is through the corresponding online form by 9 April 2021. After booking, the meeting will appear in the splinter meeting programme as a session. From 22 January 2021 on, conveners can add public information to their splinter meeting using the convener tools. The actual scheduling of your splinter meeting will take place mid-February but you will be informed by email. We try our best to fulfil your requested day and time. Please note that this is not always possible since the number of parallel meetings will be limited.