Application deadline: 26 January 2021

Townhall meetings offer an active discussion platform that is open to all interested conference participants. At townhall meetings, information is shared on new initiatives or opportunities of interest to a wide range of disciplines. This is often followed by an open discussion on the matter raised. Townhall meetings are non-commercial and cannot be used for session extension.

Any participant may organize a townhall meeting, which is subject to the approval from the programme committee chair. Townhall meetings will take place at various times on all conference days. Since time blocks are not yet fixed, applicants are asked to selected their preferred day and time and we will arrange details later. Your townhall meeting will run in form of a meeting where presenters give audio-video presentations.

Application for a townhall meeting is through the corresponding online form and need approval from the programme committee chair. Upon acceptance, the respective meeting will appear in the townhall meeting programme as a session. From 22 January 2021 on, conveners can add public information to their townhall meeting using the convener tools. You will be informed separately by email.